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A Little About Future Form Plastics

Our Mission

Our goal as a company is to provide you as our customer with the means to remain as competitive as possible in your industry, and today's market.  We achieve this by ensuring our parts and services exceed your expectations. We remain distinctive from our own competitors by delivering your parts defect-free, and on time the first time, and every time. At Future Form Plastics we are always looking to the future in how we can better ourselves to improve your quality of business and life. 

Future From Plastics has been proudly serving the Northern Indiana area with over sixty years combined experience in the plastics industry. We specializes in ABS and HDPE Form Wraps for the boating, RV, and building industries.

What We Believe 

Everything we do is done with precision, dedication, and unrelenting focus on customer satisfaction. This have been key to our continued success. In late 2016 we moved to 50,000 square foot building that serves as an emblem of pride for us. From prototype to finished manufacturing our goal is to ensure your product comes to fruition according to your standards, schedule, and budget. We know efficiency and quality are your primary concern, and we make a point to make it ours as well.

What We Can Do

We provide you with quality custom thermoformed plastic parts. We achieve this by using precise CNC machinery, thermoforming, vacuum forming, and the highest level of quality control. Our 50,000 foot facility allows us to accommodate a large range of OEM industries such marine, automotive, RV's, furniture, and many more. With personalized service and modern technology our customers receive the best best product for the best price.  


  • CNC Cutting - Our CNC equipment ensures a precise cut every time. This enables the production of beautifully cut contours and shapes. We are fully prepared and capable of fulfilling your orders at a moments notice with unwavering quality and consistency.
  • Plasma Cutting - We make a point to meet all of our customers demands, and our plasma cutting equipment gives our customers yet another option for their products. Plasma cutting enables us to accurately cut a variety of metals including aluminum.


  • Vacuum Forming and Thermoforming - We have the knowledge and expertise to determine the perfect method of creating your form to your exact specifications. The techniques mentioned allow for the broadest range of scenarios of which we will narrow down the best for your needs.

Final Finish

Reduce the amount of work you must perform upon receiving your part. Allow us to perform the minor details so you can get back to the bigger picture. 

  • Gluing
  • Second Trimming
  • Assembly
  • Quality Control

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